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ARCA.DIA.logue: Our path to awareness of our cultural, regional and historical heritage.

Project Title
ARCA.DIA.logue: Our path to awareness of our cultural, regional and historical heritage. Partner Regio 1
Coordinator organisation:
Diefthinsi Defterovathmias Ekpaidefsis (D.E.) A’ Athinas

Partner organisations:
11th Gymnasio Ilioy – General Secondary School
Open Care Centre for the Elderly of Municipality of Ilio
Syllogos Arkadon Iliou “Proselini” (NGO)
EL - Greece

Partner Regio 2
Coordinator organisation:

Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per la Puglia
Partner organisations:
Istituto Comprensivo Corigliano D’otranto – Pre-Primary School
Comune Di Corigliano d’Otranto
Agenzia per Il Patrimonio Culturale Euromediterraneo
Ente Oratorio San Francesco di Sales Istituto Salesiano
“Nicola Comi” (NGO Voluntary Work)
Associazione “Piccolo Teatro Coriglianese”
Circolo Culturale “ Argalìo
Orchestra Sparagnina
IT - Italy

Objectives of the project:
-  To help teachers, organizations and students to raise questions with a curious eye over past times in order to increase awareness upon the   historical, regional and cultural heritage;
- For students to discover and understand the importance of “unity” in “diversity” on a common ground;
- To trace back through the past times, because remembering the codes we have inherited from our Forefathers will help to feel the continuity of life on our lands, and so in the world;
-  To find out our historical heritage regarding geography, language, literature, traditions, art, music, theatre, architecture, etc.;
-  To raise the importance of producing new values from this national and universal heritage.

Expected main activities and/or results:
- Organisation of creative artistic and cultural activities with the cooperation of the local community
-  Protocol, signed by the regional authorities of U.S.R. Apulia and D.E. Attica (Greece) aimed at promoting and implementing activities that foster cultural, educational, scientific and technological cooperation among the educational institutions of the two partner regions. Protocol = a bridge of intercultural cooperation between schools and territories;
-  Creation of curricula where we can see the remains of the past as an invaluable part of not only national but also universal heritage – this will help us construct a kind of social memory;
-  Improvement in the communication skills, in the use of foreign languages and in the use of ICT-based communication and collaboration tools by students and teachers;
-  A fruitful European partnership in the area of general education and cultural education and active European citizenship through the cooperation of local organisations;
-  Implementation of two educational itineraries: 1) “A cultural trip around my region with a suitcase full of songs, stories, legends, nonsense, lullabies, games … (e-book);
-  “Historical and cultural richness of our regions makes cross/curricular European friends” (videoconferences … documentaries).

Expected impact and use:

- The students will raise a curious look over traditions concerning not only their own countries but also other European countries; explore the shared values among the twinned partner countries as a motivation to make peaceful and strong friendship; develop an understanding over the remains of the historical and cultural heritage, bridging the gap between the past and the future;
-  The teaching staff will experience the European dimension of education and teacher training and will improve in pedagogical approaches and school management through cooperation and coherence;
-  The Participating Institutions will broaden their cultural horizons and will provide various cultural events to preserve and pass on traditions and local customs.


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