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The Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Agency was founded in March 2003 in Lecce, in the context of the European Programme, Cultural Heritage II.
The Agency is a legally recognised non-profit organisation, registered pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 54 of Legislative Decree No. 117/2017 and Article 31 of Ministerial Decree No. 106 of 15/09/2020 in the "ASSOCIAZIONI DI PROMOZIONE SOCIALE" section of the RUNTS, by determination of the Apulia Region No. 1172 of 02/11/2022 .

The association is also registered in the Register of Legal Persons of the Prefecture of Lecce since 04/08/2006 and in the Albo regionale dei soggetti operatori di partenariato di cooperazione internazionale e di promozione della cultura dei diritti umani (Regional Register of Operators in the field of international partnership, cooperation and promotion of the culture of the human rights) and in the Registro Generale delle Associazioni di Promozione Sociale (Associations of Social Promotion General Register).

The Agency works with organizations, institutions and individuals to solicit public and private actions in support of permanent policies which lead to the enhancement and protection of cultural heritage. The Agency is a member of Anna Lindh Foundation Italian Network, an international organization that promotes cooperation in the fields of culture, education, science and communication.
The Agency is now a reference point for the development and management of high-profile educational and scientific projects and initiatives, aiming at supporting the development of a training system capable of intercepting innovative knowledge and promoting, at the same time, cultural and social growth processes, capable to meet job market demands.

Since its constitution the Agency has presented and taken part to many Community, (INTERREG CADSES, CULTURE 2000, LIFELONG LEARNINGEUROPAID, MED, IPA), national and regional (POR, APULIAN ICT LIVING LABS, PROGRAMMA ATTIVITÀ CULTURALI) programmes, all focused on the protection, restoration, preservation, and promotion of the Euro-Mediterranean culture.

The Association has also organized national and international conferences and meetings on themes concerning intercultural cooperation, development and promotion of heritage and cultural traditions of the Mediterranean area events, . The Agency has also contributed to the organization of high profile initiatives, exhibiitions and training courses. The Agency has also organized courses of Euro-community planning,courses of Modern Greek language and culture and courses of Turkish language and culture. 



Agenzia per il Patrimonio Culturale Euromediterraneo
Agenzia per il Patrimonio Culturale

Phone +39 0832.682552-554
fax +39 0832.682553
E-mail: info@agenziaeuromed.it
PEC: agenziaeuromed@pec.it
Skype: agenzia.euromed

Administrative Office
Ex Conservatorio Sant'Anna
Via G. Libertini, 1
73100 Lecce - ITALY


C.F.93069360753 Lecce 03/06/2003 - P.IVA 03774820751 Lecce 17/02/2004
Iscr. Cost. Reg. delle Persone Giuridiche del 04/08/2006 - Certificato Iso 9001 nr. 50 100 8678
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