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  OPENBi - Biblioteche Interattive

Project funded by the  Programme “Apulian ICT Living Labs“ P.O. FESR PUGLIA 2007-2013 – Asse I – Linea di Intervento 1.4 - Azione 1.4.2 - Bando “Supporto alla crescita e sviluppo di PMI specializzate nell’offerta di contenuti e servizi digitali.

Rete della conoscenza bibliotecaria pubblico privata


Start - End
October 2013 – May 2014

Field of Intervention
Implementation and consolidation of the interaction between research / innovation, institutions, SMEs and public bodies

Apulia Region

OpenBi – Biblioteche Interattive (Apulian ICT Living Labs) OPENBi aimed to expand, through the application of ICT tools, the treasures of knowledge saved in local public libraries, with one kept in private libraries, putting it on line, setting up a network, thus creating a platform of open and shared knowledge that could also become a real and concrete driving force, able to enhance not only the cultural, but also the economic development of Apulia. The OPENBi System, consists of the following subsystems: OPENBi DLMS Digital Library Management System; WEB PORTAL; OPENBi APP (mobile); OPENBi Demolab (Totem Multimedia).
The system, developed by the project OPENBi, was the real answer to the need for a model of inventorying, cataloguing, data acquisition, recording and subsequent digitization of selected library materials, which may be valid not only locally, but may be also possibly exportable. The private libraries, object of the work of cataloging, research and experimentation that have joined the project OPENBi are listed below:
• Library / Historical Archives of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Lecce 
• Library / Historical Archives of the monastery of the Cloistered Benedictine Nuns - Lecce
• Library / Historical Archive of the Institute of Marcelline - Lecce 
• Library / Archive Roberto Caracciolo - Friars Minor of Lecce 
• Library / Archive of historic of Castromediano de Lymburg family - Lecce 
• Library / Historical Archives of the Marquis de Luca – Lecce

Lead Partner

Consorzio Intec ( Altamura)

Altanet - www.altanet.it 
I&T - www.ietgroup.it 
MacNil - www.macnil.it 
University of Bari “Aldo Moro”- www.uniba.it/ricerca/dipartimenti/sata
Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Agency - www.agenziaeuromed.it 
Confapi Bari BAT - http://www.confapibaribt.it/ 
Associazione Culturale Università dei Terroni Onlus

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Agenzia per il Patrimonio Culturale

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